Friday, September 26, 2008

Buying your bride


I found this on line when I was searching for single rich dwarf (just kidding gareth ;)

"Indeed, most people tend to view the amount of money they spend while dating as an indicator of a long-term future together, said Catherine Surra, a professor and chair of the department of human ecology at the University of Texas who studies the development of romantic unions, including marriage. This is especially true for men, she noted.

"The data show that their commitment depends more on tangible and financial investments," Surra said. "It could be that men pay more attention to that sort of thing than women, and it could be that men are investing more than women."

Those first few months of dating are prime splurging opportunities, said the University of Washington's Schwartz. To impress their dates, men will do such things as ordering a bottle of the restaurant's most expensive wine or tipping lavishly — even if they can't afford it. Women typically respond positively to these gestures, she said. Money essentially serves as a "subterranean language" between couples that is never spoken but is understood by both people, she said.

Still, there is a limit to how much people can spend. And when they finally decide to tie the knot, men may be even happier than women. "They can't afford to date for much longer," said Schwartz."

Yep, I'd say that sounds about right ;)

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