Monday, August 4, 2008

A great weekend


Last weekend was a great weekend.It was fun and cheap.

Saturday morning i woke up early. Packed a lunch of leftovers. Dug out a sweater. And went off to the cinema.

I had studied the times and realised that if i brought a $6 matinee ticket to The Mummy at 10:15 i could sneak into Wall-E straight afterwards. I felt so guilty as i dashed from one room to the other. The last (and first) time i had done this i had got Amy to protect me. This time i was alone as Amy was at a baby shower.

I staggered out the cinema at about 3 o'clock and went home to warm up. Cinemas are freezing in New York.

Saturday night we went to an engagement party. We took a nice bottle of wine we had lying around and paid just $4 each to get there and back on the subway.

After Saturday's early start, Sunday was all about a lie in before going for lunch with my friend John. i cycled down to Tea & Sympathy so getting there and back didn't cost a cent. He rather kindly insisted on treating me (i am now ridiculously indebted to him). Back at John's flat we watched an episode of The Wire and started getting excited about the DVD launch of Series 5 on August 12th - i'll be netflixing it rather than buying it!

Home about 7 and then my two favorite TV shows back to back - Food Network Challenge (Disney Villians was the theme for the cake bakers) and Iron Chef America - before bedtime.

That was a $10 weekend folks. Thanks to leftovers and friends.

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Holly said...

If only I was as far ahead as Season 5!

I'm only 4 episodes into Season 1 and can hardly contain my excitement. You must know so much more than me!