Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hum Drum


Hmmmm...now that the first bit is done the second bit is going to be a lot harder. The novelty has worn off and i think we are finding that it's a bit like floating on a raft.

The 'drifting out at sea' feeling isn't caused by our ever expanding air mattress; rather I think it might be Postpartum Depression - YIKES!!!


Dr Jude said...

the middle section is always the hardest. and the end stretch seems twice as long as the beginning. think of it like a marathon: you're full of beans when you start out, have to forget where you are for the next 4 hours, and you're only half way at mile 20. you can do it, yes you can (I steal that from Bob the Builder and not Obama).

keep the spirits up. just imagine how cozy the winter will be hudled up together in a small space

Gareth & Amy said...

hey Jude! How are you? Thanks for the kind and supportive words. Your post made me feel like crying; actually, I feel like crying all the time these days! Don't worry I'm not completely losing my shit, yet ;)

When are you guys back in new york? It wold be great to see you!