Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The secret to a happy marriage

I googled 'how to have a happy marriage' the other day and came across some great tips on a bbc message board. Here are my favs....

No kids and a dish washer!
Jan, England

You should want each other more than you need each other.
Ben, Southampton, UK

My marriage is a happy one, but if only my Mrs would not get moody and sensitive about a hundred different things in a day, it would be happier.
Ashok D'Souza, England

The Secret for happy marriage will always be a Secret.
Syed Ahmed, Bangalore & India

It's down to the 4 Ls: Love, laughter, lust and luck!
Adam, London

Our marriage blossomed when I came to terms with the fact that I was to blame for everything that went wrong.
Alasdair, aboard a Drillship in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wendy, UK

To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup, whenever you are wrong admit it, whenever you are right shut up.
Jen, UK

Lessons learned from my seven year (failed) marriage. Make sure you're friends 1st, don't try to change the other person, grow together, and for God's sake, remember to put the toilet seat down!
Dan, Colorado, US

If you want a relationship that lasts... get a dog.
Martin, England

To Martin, England: Does your dog do the ironing? If so, where can I get one?
Andy, Edinburgh, Scotland

To Andy, Edinburgh: I managed to get my dog to iron, it's the sex I can't get used to!
Richard, Fareham

Sharing a bath together, and taking it in turns to be at the tap end!
Joannah, Lancaster, UK

Move far away from your mother-in-law.
Clare, London

Honesty, sharing, give and take, respect. Use each other's strengths and don't prey on each other's weaknesses. Never let the sun go down on a quarrel. Spontaneous kindness (flowers, jobs done unexpectedly, whatever). Have fun together - and separately. Accept that everyone makes mistakes and be prepared to forgive and forget. And above all - keep talking, communicate, don't bottle trouble up!
Andrew, Cambridge, UK

For a long marriage men need to have a shed.
Mark, England

Let your wife choose the home decorations. IF you don't you'll never hear the end of it
Philip Jedlicka, Toronto, Canada

My husband often says when we quarrel, "Will this really matter in two years' time?" Looking ahead to what lasts as opposed to splitting hairs over the immediate petty concerns can give perspective to any relationship.
R. Ducatt, Springfield, MO, USA

Know that the two of you together are more important than either of you separately.
Julian, Brighton

Treat partner selection like buying a used car. Check the history, check the body work (look under the bonnet), make sure it's neither clocked nor the subject of hidden finances and, above all else, give it a good test drive first!
Patrick V. Staton, Guildford, UK

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