Friday, August 1, 2008

The best $5.80 meal for two ever!


Living on $20 a day would be pretty easy in some places.

When we ate were the locals ate and shopped where they shopped we realized $20 went a long way in Morocco.

During our trip their our cheapest meal was also one of the nicest. We went to the local fishmarket in Essaouira and for 50 cents we brought 8 fresh sardines and a handful of shrimp, we then went to a vegetable stand to by stuff for a salad (this was actually more than the fish coming in at $1).

Having gathered everything we need we went to this courtyard area where we paid $2 to have the fish and shrimp grilled and the salad prepared. 30 cents on a loaf of bread and $2 on ice cold drinks and we were set for a fantastic meal.

Bon appetit

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