Friday, August 29, 2008

Momma you're 62


This week was pretty stressful. I got into a fight with my sister Jen over our Mother's 62nd Birthday. ONB is especially tough when other people expect you to spend what they are spending.

So we eventually all compromised. Gareth and I are going to bake her her favorite cake and Jen will buy the ingredients. I am going to use my free plane ticket to take her to florida as a gift and make her a card. Then we are all going out to a lovely meal and Gareth and I will eat as cheap as we can!

That sounds perfect and we won't have to blow our budget!



Cake update. Last night we waited until Marie went to bed and then got baking. It was a bit of a disaster. It tastes great but feel apart when we tried to stack it and ice it. I'm hoping Amy's Mum is a believer in the expression: "It's the thought that counts"

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Hannah said...

You should have said - you could have tested another of my recipes!!!!! There are lots of birthday cake ones left. Hope you are both well