Friday, August 15, 2008

VIP - Yeah you know me!


Result! We work in a building above Giant Steps Records and they are the kind of neighbors you love. They have the best freebies.

Last Friday this email went round work.


We're leaving around 2PM for All Points West; office field trip. I have 6 VIP tickets for Sunday that are looking to go to waste. Does anyone in your office want?

Line-up, set times here:"

Hell yeah! within 5 minutes i had two tickets worth $135 each. A super duper treat.

PS Rather than take the special ferry to the festival which cost $30 we got the subway, then the PATH train train, then the tram and then we walked for twenty minutes. It might have not been the quickest route but it meant we got their and back for about $8 each.


Todd said...

Hi Gareth and Amy,
Its Amy's friend Todd Francois from the U.S. Virgin Islands saying hi. Amy what an amazing project. I would like to contribute some money but I spent all of my $$ on my new houseboat. Remember my old one? It sank! Keep rocking Amy!!!!

Gareth & Amy said...


Ahhhaaa! I think I know who this is - where's your blog?