Monday, August 4, 2008

A whole new wardrobe


Last week we got taken out for dinner to celebrate the 'launch' of Amy's company. We were going to be treated to a slap up meal at Buddhakan - a super swish asian restaurant in the Meat Packing District!

But what to wear????

The dress code was black, all black. I had a black jumper and a pair of battered black jeans. The jumper was going to be too hot and the jeans just a bit too tatty.

We needed new clothes and when you are on a budget there is only one place to go... UNI GLO!

How on earth do they do it? I got 4 tops, a belt and a new pair of jeans for $120. I shudder to think about the child labour that was used to make clothes that cheaply.

We made a whole evening out of getting on new clothes (that is one of the secrets of ONB - milk the good things for all they are worth, get as much fun out of things as possible). This was the first clothes shopping trip we had ever done together! Amy took great delight in making me looking like her and i have to say i liked the results.

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