Saturday, August 16, 2008

Over the moon


Yesterday was a big day! A very big day!

The Private loans have G... O... N... E!

Unbelievable. When i first scribbled out the plan for Operation Night Brace back in April I didn't think we would get to this stage until October 31st!!! I'm not exactly sure how we have managed to do it. I think the following helped...

Amy getting a bonus and a payrise
Gareth putting in his birthday money
Amy doing some freelance work
Gareth getting Amy some freelance work
Amy and Gareth deciding to put the engagement ring money in
Amy and Gareth deciding to put the engagement gift money in
Amy and Gareth living on less than $20 a day (the original plan was $28)
Amy and Gareth being rock stars

It felt amazing last night. We jumped around the kitchen laughing and screaming - drunk on a $12 bottle of wine.

FUCCCCKKKK you Student Loan People!!!!

This is just the boost we need to keep going. Public loans here we come!!!


Holly said...


I bet that must be such an incredible feeling and I'm impressed that you did it so quickly!

Keep up the good work!

Gareth & Amy said...

Thanks Holly!

Jorien said...

wow! that's amazing!



Sylvie said...
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Sylvie said...

Well done! Congratulations!

Just don't stop blogging, I enjoy reading it too much!

Gareth & Amy said...

Don't worry Sylvie - we still have $106,000 to pay so the bogs got some way to go :)

Gareth & Amy said...

I meant blog not bog!

Sylvie said...

Hope your bog still goes for a bit to otherwise that'd be a really annoying extra expense. ;)