Friday, August 22, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion


Having people read the blog is awesome. It makes it feel like we are not in this alone.

We recently spent $4.99 getting some business cards made up with the blog address on. We got 250 in all. That's 2 cents each. Bargain even if the color is a bit funny and they are about as thin as a business card can get before turning into a business paper.

Amy gave out her first 2 last week. If you were one of the 2 people who got one. HELLO :)


Jemma said...

Dear both of you guys;

Your blog is great! I am soo going to keep reading to see how you get on with ONB. (:

Also, for future reference, if I ever get lucky on the lottery, I've decided half my sum is coming your way.

Keep up the awesome work! xx

Gareth & Amy said...

ha ha ha! That is amazing Jemma what an offer!!! PLay play play!!!
Amy and Gareth