Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holiday budget


To make sure we didn't go over budget in Morocco here is the simple steps we took. You may or may not find useful.

1. We prepared a very detailed budget. Taxis to airports. Coach travel to and from the coast. Hotel rooms. Meals etc.

2. Took all the money for the holiday out of the bank and took it with us (this was basically my wage packet from the month before ONB began - i have been on $20 a day for 4 months now). This meant we would always know how much we had left and we avoided ATM fees.

3. We changed the money money as and when we used it at the banks that were offering the best exchange rates.

4. Anytime i used the credit card i took the money from our stash and hide it away so there wouldn't be any nasty credit card bill surprises when we got back.

We returned home under budget and happy.

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