Thursday, July 10, 2008

Make the old new


Gareth and I are on a plane to London and then off to Morocco tomorrow morning. (We planned this whole trip before Operation Night Brace began) This morning I realized that I had no nice clothes to wear when I'm with his family. So I went to Pearl Paint on Canal and bought RIT dye for under $1. I pulled out dresses I haven't worn in years and dyed them this morning - everything black of course ;) I now have 3 new dresses that look like new for under $1.

Lastly, I didn't wear gloves while dying - whoops, so I ended up bleaching my hands to remove the stains. This gave me a brilliant idea. I know there is a market for butt hole bleaching and I now feel qualified to deliver this service to anyone in need for $40 a pop ;)

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