Saturday, July 12, 2008

A raise and a bonus


It’s about fucking time but I was finally awarded a much-deserved raise and a bonus. All of which will be handed straight over to the loan company. It was painful, so we decided to treat ourselves and take a road trip to celebrate. We hired a car, I drove. How we ended up in Greenwich Connecticut I have no idea, Gareth must have a nose for the finer things ;) We spent the afternoon hanging by the water and taking long deep breaths in the fresh air – it was awesome. I always forget how loud the “buzz” is in New York City until I leave it behind. I think it’s really important to treat yourself to something special (even when your on a tight budget) every now and again – it helps put the stride back in your step.

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Steve said...

true - there's a reason that the word 'poverty' is so often preceded by the word 'grinding'

It's a slow death of the soul as possibilities are closed to you

Said he all weary