Thursday, July 10, 2008

What would you do for $600?


Last night i remember a fun story that took place in our local bar near work. It happened about 8 months ago and i sadly wasn't there.

It involved a lot of alcohol, a glass of Will's freshly produced urine, a pile of cash and a rather thirsty Blake.

For $600 Blake downed a glass of another man's piss for $600!

Honestly some people.

I would have done it for $500 ;)

If it is good enough for Gandhi, Jim Morrison and John Lennon - it is good enough for me.

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Steve said...

one of the reasons that ?! will be closed down in the US. Get that story to any decent lawyer; claim that it was typical of the behavior expected in order to fit in and get on and claim yourself a fortune in damages.

Perhaps that's the best way to accelerate NightBrace fund raising - I'm guessing that story is a quarter million dollar settlement for someone brave enough to quit and pursue it