Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home sweet home


We are now back in England at my Mum's house (yeah for normal keyboards). Morocco was amazing. We both managed to eat some lovely food, see a completely different culture and get pretty sunburnt. But most importantly we got engaged. Magic!

I'd been planning the engagement for months - since March when Amy told me that she'd always wanted to go to Morocco. Within twenty minutes of her telling me that our tickets were booked (ahhhhhh the good old days when we could be spontaneous like that). The trip was going to be my birthday present to her.

i had been to Morocco 10 years ago with my good friend Richard. We had had a fantastic time. One of the highlights was going to a converted palace for a meal. It was one of the most romantic meals i had ever had so it felt a bit strange sharing it with another bloke. There were rose petals on the floor, incense burning, traditional musicians, beautiful high ceilings. It was perfect just perfect and at the end of the meal i told Richard that i would propose to someone there one day.

A lot happened in those 10 years and i completely forgot about the restaurant until Amy brought home a guidebook to Morocco. I picked it up for a quick thumb and there in restaurant section was a name that looked very familiar - Stylia. A quick google search later and the memories of the meal with Richard came flooding back. I now had the perfect venue for proposing. I decided then that Morocco was where it was all going to happen and spent the rest of March, April, May, June and July worrying about it. But worrying in a good way.

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