Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to guarantee a "Yes"


If anyone reading this is thinking of proposing to their loved ones follow my easy steps to guarantee a Yes. They worked for me...

** Sleep deprivation - in the build up to the proposal we had hardly any sleep. We left the flat in NYC at 4am on the friday, flew to England and then on the Sunday had to get up at 4am UK time to get to Gatwick for the flight to Morocco

** Disorientation - remove your loved one from their usual environment. Morocco is a crazy bewildering place.

** Use mind altering substances - we drank a bottle of wine before going off to the restaurant. Amy's official capacity is 2 glasses. She had 2 and a half.

** Use violence - i had written Amy a card asking her to marry me. When i pulled it out in the restaurant i hit her in the face with it by mistake. I was a bit nervous.

** Make them feel financially indebted - I have given Amy every thing i have. There is nothing more to give.

Follow these five easy steps and i'm sure you will get the answer you want xxx

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