Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This blog was brought to you by XXXX


Geoff at work think that we need to come up with a sponsorship package to attract the big bucks.

We have had a think and here’s what we think we can offer…

• Pick any two benefits from the list below

• Pick any four benefits from the list below

• Pick any six benefits from the list below

The benefits:

Gareth and Amy will hold your hand when you are scared at the movies - but they will need to pay for the tickets and popcorn ;)

Amy will let you use her laptop for a week

Gareth and Amy will offer you a special spying services: spy on a first date; spy on your spouse, spy on yourself - we will then give you a detailed report of what we found

Amy and Gareth will burn you 2 music CDs (half angst ridden half bubbly techno)

Gareth and Amy will walk your dogs or watch your animals while you are away

Gareth and Amy will run to your rescue when you get too drunk and take you home

Gareth and Amy will serve as a "Secret Jar" we will hold all off your secrets so you don't have to and we will never let them go

Gareth and Amy will send you text messages that say loving things like "Oh I miss you" to make you feel more loved

Gareth and Amy will let sleep with both of us - No hanky panky though. Just sleeping, a bit of snoring and the odd fart

Gareth and Amy will clean your house

Gareth and Amy will teach you the art of Japanese Bondage

Gareth and Amy will teach you how to cast something

Amy will teach you how to grow Crystals

Gareth will make you a customised puppet show - voices included

Gareth and Amy will send you our old magazines - including Art Forum, Time Out NY, etc

Amy will teach you about film (Gareth will get bored and wish he was watching Rambo rather than some depressing Korean black and white movie)

Gareth and Amy will share interesting books with you - you will be able to borrow these books

You can spend a night in ONB - and sleep on the air mattress (you have to pay for us to stay in a nice hotel that night)

Gareth and Amy will let you spend an evening with either Amy’s mother or Amy’s sister or Amy’s niece

Gareth and Amy will make you a personalized map of cool Free Places to explore in NY

Gareth and Amy will send you an interesting email every week.

Gareth and Amy take you to top cool Places in NY

Gareth and Amy will come up with fun solutions for anything that is troubling you

Gareth and Amy will say nice things about you on the blog

Gareth and Amy will cook you a very nice meal an deliver it to your home and set it up as long as you live in New York

Gareth and Amy set up a "love" weekend for you and your loved one

Gareth and Amy will babysit your kid(s)

Amy will teach you how to edit on Final Cut Pro

Amy will teach you Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Quark

Gareth will train you up to be more creative

Gareth and Amy will send you delicious recipes that cost under $12

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