Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our First Date


Just to give you a little history from my side:

I winked at Gareth on and sent him an email that read, “I have the same coat as you, except mine’s green.” To which he responded, “Should we meet up and have a ‘coat fashion show?’” On November 5th 2007 I met Gareth Miles. I was working in an editing suite on White Street and we had planned to meet up and see a movie, however I ended up working late and missed the movie. We decided to meet at a bar in Tribeca instead, Circle Rouge. When I walked in he was already waiting at a table for me. First impression: I thought he was short, bummer. He could tell I was nervous and he said “should we stand up and spin around?” At that moment we both stood up and spun around like two fools in the middle of the bar. That’s when I realised he was actually really tall and very sweet. I couldn’t really understand word he said he just seemed cute and enthusiastic about whatever it was he was talking about. I was shy, didn’t talk much and couldn’t stop giggling. We had two drinks and hung out for about an hour or two. We parted ways and he rode off into the stormy night on his bike with the strangest look on his face. I thought he A) Had to go to the bathroom or B) was having a strange moment of something like deja vu. About 30minutes later I got a text, “You home safe yet?” “I said “Yup, talkin’ bout you.” To which he responded, “I like you.” I said “I like you too.” He ended the text conversation with, “Well that’s a pretty good start.” That was my first and very last date on

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