Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proposal and the RING


Gareth and I planned a trip to Morocco way before Operation Night Brace began. I told him that I’d always wanted to go to Africa, Morocco in particular. So, what did he do? The second I said it he booked it, my HERO. Well, time flies when you’re broke and last week we were off. We landed in Marrakech and Gareth had booked us a table at a palace! We were seated and Gareth ordered a bottle of wine. I was drunk, jet lagged and exhausted and I thought something was up cause Gareth was acting a bit weird, nervous I guess. He pulled out an envelope from his bag and whipped it into my face, it hit me straight in the nose, ouch! He said, “Open it.” So I gave him a look and proceeded to open it. On the back it was marked January 3rd 2008 (AND notarized folks!) I opened it and in big bold letters it said MARRY ME!!! I didn’t hesitate but much like our first date I blushed, smiled and said YES, probably because I was drunk, wounded and jet lagged ;)

Gareth had planned yet another adventure for me. He found a jeweller in NY that would help me make my own engagement ring. It was a very thoughtful gesture but I told him that if I made the ring myself, every time I looked at it I would only think about myself and with an engagement ring I wanted to think of him. So, since the jeweller already has our cash we decided to make each other’s wedding bands and we will buy a proper engagement ring after Operation Night Brace has ended! But in the meantime we bought a tin ring for me to wear, to ward of other suitors and show off our commitment to each other, I just hope my finger doesn’t turn green ;)


It isn't tin! The man in the market said it was pure silver and a bargain at $10 x

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