Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our room


Yesterday we had a big tidy of the 2 meter x 3.5 meter space we call home. We have managed to cram a lot into such a small space. There are about 120 different hotel toiletries, loads of little pots of jam and honey (again liberated from various hotels), we have a bulk box of coffee and hot chocolate, two jam jars containing loose change, the Meatloaf-O-Meter that seems to fall off the wall every time i walk by it, loads of books and magazines, a TV, a suitcase etc

Our room is a cross between a cornershop and a library with an inflatable bed in the middle that takes up most of the space. Speaking of which a strange thing is happening - the bed is getting wider!!!! Damn these inflatable beds. Getting in and out of the room is getting harder as when the bed was normal size there was just enough room to open the door. Now we are struggling.

Home sweet home.

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