Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2nd Donation


Last Thursday we got our second donation. A whole $50 (although PayPal deducted $4 as a fee – boo hoo) from the lovely Jen Hughes in the London office of my company.

That means the ‘Donate Now’ button over here on the right → has now generated $75 (minus the $4 fee). $5 from Amy to “see if it was working”, $20 from Alexis and the $50 from Jen.

Thank you Jen and thank you Alexis.

Nice one.

People all over the web are always after your money so it is very touching when someone chooses to share their hard earned cash with you.

Interesting sum: If we just relied on the ‘Donate Now’ button which is generating an average of $30 a month we would be able to pay all the loans off in 500 years (this does not include any interest that the loans will inevitably occur in this time).

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