Friday, July 11, 2008

Swollen ankle


Last week i feel asleep on a bus. And i still seemed to still be asleep while i tried to get off it as i feel down the stairs onto the sidewalk.

(I blame the tiredness on all the cycling to and from work).


It fricking hurt and there were a lot of people watching so that made it doubly painful.

The bus driver came running up to me and wanted to know if i was OK. He took my name , my address and my phone number and said that their insurance would cover it.

I was surprised because it was completely my fault - another 43 passengers had managed to get off the bus perfectly okay. It was just me being clumsy.

Amy's eyes lit up. How much is a sprained ankle worth these days??? $180,000???

Somehow though i don't think we will stoop to suing to pay off the remainder of the loans.

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