Monday, July 7, 2008

Space and quiet


The two things I am really missing at the moment are…
1. My own space
2. Silence

To be backwards, let’s deal with the second point first.

Living in New York, silence is almost impossible to achieve.

I couldn’t believe the noise at first – I’m a country boy at heart. When I first moved here I used to go through a nightly ritual of warming up my wax earplugs, rolling them into a ball and then sqwishing them into my ears. Now I have got used to it and can almost sleep through the sirens and the shouting as people are murdered on the mean streets off New York (I’m joking mum – stop worrying xx).

So it looks like my desire for ‘Silence’ gets a “dream on”.

So what about ‘Personal Space’?

Hmmmm. Although it has been over two months at Amy’s mum’s I still feel very much like a guest which means I’m not able to relax fully just yet. This is probably a good thing as I don’t think Amy’s mum and sister are ready for the sight of me making tea in nothing but my brightly coloured y-Fronts from American Apparel.

Another factor is our room doesn’t have much space for personal stuff. As a result most of my possessions are packed away only to see the light of day when Operation Night Brace is behind us.

So it looks like desire for ‘Personal Space’ gets a “wait grasshopper wait – patience comes to those who wait”.

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