Monday, July 28, 2008

A Party and presents!!!


Getting engaged has had an unexpected side effect - people want to give us presents. We threw an engagement party when we were back at my Mum's and got given lots of things.

My sister, mum and aunt had slaved away to create an amazing celebratory afternoon tea. More cakes than we could possible eat and more sparkly stuff then we could ever drink. I think it was all a bit overwhelming for Amy - welcome to the family.

My friends Chris, Ian (and Mrs Sweeney), Richard, KTG and Lucy (and Seb Junior) made the effort to trek out to deepest darkest Bedfordshire. And like the 3 Kings they came with gifts:

His and hers matching t-shirts. Mine says: "Help I'm in debt" and Amy's says: "and engaged". We wore them for the whole party.

A weeks worth of fun. 7 little packages to be opened one a day. We are saving these for a week when we need them.


Smiles and love

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For pictures of the engagement party have a look at my sister's blog.

We are still thinking about what to do in America. I'm all for an evening of Power Love Ballad karaoke.

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