Monday, July 21, 2008

She's the one


In the word's of Robbie WIlliam's "she's the one".

I knew that in the first week I met her.

Our first ever meeting was at 10:30 at night in a bar near work on November 5th 2007. I got there first and found a place to sit (that wasn't hard as the bar was almost empty). In walked Amy, a ball of big hair and raw energy. She was wearing what i was later to find out was her uniform - paint splattered jeans. She looked cool and she looked like she could kick my ass into next week with her Frankenstein sized Ugg boots.

We had a drink and then some more. It is all a blur what we talked about. All i can remember is Amy getting rather excited about a thing called String Theory. It sounded pretty smart stuff and i made a note to Google it so we could talk about it the next time we met up because i very much wanted there to be a next time.

The evening ended when the bar kicked us out at midnight. The hour and a half had flown by. We shook hands (i know don't ask me why i did that - i can be sooooo english sometimes) and went our separate ways.

November 5th is celebrated with lots of fireworks in the UK and meeting Amy that night certainly set off a firework in my head that is still burning bright and banging around my skull like a hyperactive child with a fistful of sparklers.

The following day after work i popped round to where she was working with a coffee and a toy because i knew she was having to work late at an editing suite. She looked very surprised and very embarassed to see me. I stuffed the coffee and toy into her hand, arrange to meet up for a proper date on thursday (one that wasn't going to start at 10:30) and ran off.

Our first proper date was about to happen. I started to get nervous.

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