Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out of Sync


I have to confess that this blog is not an accurate record of events.

What we did ‘last night’ is not necessarily what we did ‘last night’.

We splurge out the stories in big dollops and then ‘post schedule’ them on Blogger so that they mysteriously appear each day.

This means that we can try and ‘write something’ everyday and still maintain our day jobs.

Writing is fun but it sadly doesn’t pay the bills neither does eating ice-cream or going on holiday my other two big vices.


But for the record here are the most important dates:

November 3rd: Amy winks at Gareth on Match
November 5th: Amy and Gareth meet for the first time
November 8th: Our first date
November 9th: Gareth buys plane ticket to UK for Amy
December 21st: Amy arrives in the UK for Xmas
January 3rd: Gareth writes Amy the card asking her to marry him that he will use in Morocco
February 13th: Amy sends singing dwarf to Gareth at work
February 14th: Gareth takes AMy to Vegas to see Little Legends - more singing dwarves
March 30th: Amy tells Gareth the size of the debt
April 5th: ONB is born at the PeeLander Z concert
April 26th: Gareth moves into Amy's mum's
May 1st: ONB officially begins
July 20th: Gareth proposes to Amy
July 20th: Amy says "Yes" to Gareth

It has been some adventure! And to think it has only just begun.

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