Saturday, June 28, 2008

Allergic to the UK


As soon as I landed back in the UK last week for my whistlestop tour, which included – in 48 hours – 13 hours on planes, 6 hours in airports, 9 hours in cars and one night’s sleep in my old (non-inflatable) bed at my mum’s, my allergies started playing up big time.

Streaming nose, sneezes and itchy eyes. Bugger.
But it isn’t just my body that is allergic to the UK, Operation Night Brace is too. I’d forgotten just how expensive everything is and I had an instant wake up as soon as I landed and I thought to myself: “ohhhhhhh I’d love a cup of tea”

A cup of tea was $4. Now for all you coffee drinkers who have no idea what ‘tea’ is it basically breaks down as follows…

80% hot water
8% milk (semi skimmed/2% is my preference)
4% sugar (white and only if I’m feeling naughty or emotional)
2% tea bag
6% cup (preferably not polystyrene – we only have one planet)

The key ingredient is water. And the last time I looked it was always pissing it down in England with no chance ever of a drought.

$4 I ask you!!!!!!

5 cups of tea and the day is over for me. I’d have to chew on the cups to get some nutrition out of them.

Operation Night Brace and the UK don’t mix well.


The average student debt in the UK after a 3 year course is, according to the NatWest bank, £33,500. So it looks like if we were living in the UK there would be no need for Operation Night Brace in the first place.

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