Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I owe it all to you...


Tomorrow is my Birthday, June 19th.

I've decided to throw myself a Dirty Dancing themed birthday party.

I've made a cardboard cut-out of Gareth's head on a stick (unfortunately Gareth will not be in town) So I plan on singing a duet with Gareth's cardboard head tucked into my friend Michael's shirt. My printer can only print up to 11" x 17" so I'm not actually sure if the cut-out is life-size or not. I've made the cardboard X-large to compensate and painted the boarders black to match Michael :)

'We've had the time of my life' is my chosen song for our duet.

I'm borrowing the ugliest crinoline dress.

I've made an Operation Night Brace donation bin out of old Fed Ex boxes and duct tape to keep at the door ;)

It should be a disaster.

All for no money whatsoever.


Steve said...

Does your printer have an anti-aging facility?
He looks a bit yummy here....

Gareth & Amy said...

Super yummy! Wait till you see the video of our duet - tee hee ;)