Friday, June 27, 2008

Life is always better in The Sun


Every paper I picked up while back in the UK was full of economic doom and gloom. The credit crunch is hitting everyone pretty hard. House prices are dropping, high street spending is down and the Chancellor Alistair Darling is a hated figure.

One interesting article in The Sun caught my eye: “Try The Sun’s 33 ways to beat inflation at 3.3%”

The first tip was the best and most unusual one. They suggested you use banana skins to skin your shoes as the inside of the skins contain potassium – a key ingredient in commercial polishes. Hmmmm sounds interesting just make sure you don’t put it anywhere near the soles of your shoe. Surely we have to have learned something from all those Chaplain movies.

One of the tips involved using mayo as hair gel. Errr no thanks. I dread to think what will happen on a hot day when you hair is covered in raw eggs and olive oil.

Another tip involved watching tv in bed without any lights on. “You’ll save on heating and lighting and if there is a sexy show on you might get a bonus cuddle from your partner.”

I’ll spare you the other 30 tips. They were pretty lame.

One of the papers on my last day had the headline: “STOP BEING SO MISERABLE”

It does seem that the media is responsible for dragging everyone down into a credit crunch depression and now they are telling us off for following them.

The papers in the US – rightly or wrongly – are far more optimistic. And that is optimistic in the sense that not every single article is about the end of the financial world.

If I was still in England I’d save money by not buying any newspapers. I’d not only be richer but a lot happier too.

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