Monday, June 2, 2008

The Lemonade Stand


Amy and I have had a brainwave!

We are going to borrow her niece next Saturday and set up our very own lemonade stand on the mean streets of New York.

Isabelle is super cute so people are bound to stop. Unfortunately she is also super smart so we will have to make sure the earnings get split evenly between the three of us. I was hoping I could just say: “Here have this shiny quarter for your 5 hour shift”.

I’m really looking forward to it. A proper slice of Americana but updated for the modern day beverage consumer:

• We shall be offering two different sizes of lemonade – grande and vente
• We shall be making a sugar free version with Splenda for the health conscious lemonade drinker
• We shall be offering an organic version for double the price
• We shall also be offering a lemon and sugar free lemonade – that will just be cold water (proper marketing bollocks)
• We shall also be making and selling some tiny dairy-free lemon drizzle cakes – a little mouthful of naughtiness.

Lemonade stands used to be so much simpler before these multinational coffee chains came along.

To guarantee sales we are thinking about offering a free joke with every purchase told by Isabelly Button herself. And to offer assurance of quality we will have a big sign that says: All employees have washed their hands!!! (These signs seem to be compulsory in all American restaurants).

All we need now is for Amy’s sister to agree to us borrowing her daughter (two thirty year olds selling lemonade by themselves just isn’t that cute) and a good name for the stall. Anyone out there got any suggestions??

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Kathy said...

"Operation Lemonade"

Good luck and hope you make a stack of cash!!