Friday, June 6, 2008

Operation Night Brace - the Movie


Last night we were chatting nonsense about who would play us if this were ever turned into a movie.

As I am British and have floppy hair we decided Hugh Grant would play me. And as Amy is American and has straight hair, Sandra Bullock would play here.

It would be a rom-poverty-com with loads of mad cap schemes to make money and even crazier schemes to not spend any money at all.

I’d love to see Hugh Grant cycling through the streets of New York with a trash bag of leftover food over his shoulder and borrowing/forcing a young child to sell lemonade on the street for him.

Amy would love to see Sandra Bullock survive without being able to have a manicure or buy any new clothes.

Mr Spielberg – we are awaiting your phonecall. The rights are available.

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