Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dog treats


Amy's mum very generously has an open fridge policy - if you are hungry eat it! But I have been careful not to go to crazy with this. We have to keep the "landlady" onside until the end of October.

Last night the temptation was too much and i started tucking into some goodies.

With my belly full i went into the bedroom. From the safety of our inflatable bed i heard Amy's mum come into the kitchen, look in the fridge and enquire: "How has been eating Teddy'd food?"

(For those of you who don't remember Teedy is the new puppy in out flat)

Uckkk! Dog food!

Don't worry too much though. We haven't hit a new low of money saving (although Amy did resort to eating catfood while at college). Teddy is a rather spoilt dog and gets to eat things like cheese cubes and roast chicken. Both of which i love.

I did eat cat food - ONLY $00.89 for an organic can - it helped me stay alive right out of grad school...I was ridiculously poor and had 3 cats, 2 octopi and 5 fish...;)

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