Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friends Rock

Last night I went to see Sex and the City. This is not normally the type of movie I like but my friend Michael said it was his treat...

Beggars beggars!

When we approached the concession stand Michael said "What do you want?" I said "Oh nothing." To which he said "Fuck off get what you want it's my treat!"

I said "ok I want an extra large of everything then!" Tee hee.

After the movie we went to his house to walk the dog. His boyfriend Bill had a bag of old clothes he was going to throw away in the hallway. I started digging through them immediately, repeating "Oh Michael I'm so sorry, but there may be something in here for Gareth, is it too weird I'm digging through your boyfriends underwear?"

I ended up with one kenneth Cole belt, I pair of white moroccan trousers, and one pair of swimming shorts with the american flag printed all over them.

After I riffled through his garbage Michael treated me to dinner at The Mercer Kitchen.

What a meal. It was scrumdiddlyumptous. The whole time I was taking notes on what I could make for Gareth.

It turned out to be an expensive night for Michael, so in return I tried my best to give him as much solid advise on his love life as I could. I'm not sure if my advice was worth two movies tickets, an extra large tub of popcorn and a beautiful meal for two...but I think it helped him.

After dinner at 1am I hoped on the train in the rain with a big fat smile on my face!

(PS - my lesson - large tubs of popcorn at the movies are ridiculously overpriced and I never finish them anyway - oh and I don't really think Gareth will wear the swimming shorts, that would be gross - besides Bill's waist isn't much large then mine...maybe I'll use them as a new patch for Gareth's jeans ;)

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