Friday, June 13, 2008

Best seats in the house


I lucked out a few weekends ago when I answered my phone and my friend John asked me if I wanted to go and see the Yankies play. He said he had great seats and they hadn’t cost him a cent. Yes was my answer and I jumped on the subway to meet up with him.

The seats we had weren’t just great they were amazing. We were in the foul ball area and the price on the ticket was $250. Holy shit. I overheard the people around us say that these were “the best seats they had ever had!”

$500 worth of free tickets I hear you cry!!! How on earth did you get your grubby mitts on them?

Well John is what they call a face. He has done very well for himself over the last few years through a combination of pure talent and hard hard work he is now famous as a comedian.

As result of being a face nice things like free tickets to baseball games pop up from time to time.

These tickets earned John Operation Night Brace Gold Level sponsor status ☺

Thank you John.

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