Saturday, June 21, 2008



One lunchtime this week i walked with my friend Simon to the cafe on the corner of our street. It is called Cafe WOW and it is a place i used to go to almost everyday before the new budget kicked in. Stepping into the place and smelling the scent of deep fat fryers made me realise that it is almost 2 whole months since i last went in there. The staff must be wondering what they did wrong!

It was a strange feeling but it made me realise i haven't once paid for lunch for about seven weeks. This has saved me a fortune and i put it down to several factors...

1. A diet of leftovers. Packed lunches rule when you are trying to save money.
2. Working for a generous company that fills the office with food (we have enough cereal, muffins and pistachio nuts to survive a two year seige)
3. Saying 'Yes' to any food i am offered - thank you Suzi, thank you Rachel
4. Pigging out on workshops when the food is all free.

I used to spend about $12 a day on lunch so i reckon these four factors have saved me over $400 which is a rather tasty amount.

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