Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Double bill


On monday night we went to the cinema and paid full price to see The Strangers. What!!! No half price matinee??? I hear you cry.

Nope. We splashed out. We need a date and time alone together.

The film was fucking terrifying and horrible - no twist, no reveal. Just torture, murder and general nastiness. I spent the whole film sitting there with my fingers in my ears. Amy made me swap seats with her half way through as she didn't want to sit in the aisle. Truly terrifying and a bit grim.

It was a relief when the lights came on and we left the theatre.

As we step out into the corridor we saw that Iron Man had just started in the screening room next door so we snuck in (the cinemas only employ one ticket checker at the entrance to the building so once you are in, you are in).

Iron Man was great. A great popcorn movie although the second half felt very rushed.

We got home at 1am. Happy in the knowledge that we had gotten a double bill for the price of a single. Ohhh how i love American cinemas and their staff cutting ways. We could have stayed in the cinema all week.

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