Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Much to Amy’s dismay, I have been applying to go on Oprah and Ellen to share our scheme with them.

Oprah is the richest woman and if we get on the show I will be sure to look down the back of her sofa’s on set.

Amy is adamant that she won’t appear on the shows if we get asked – she says she is just too shy. She is offering the following alternatives though:

• Hire an actress
• Make a life-size Amy rag doll
• Buy a brunette inflatable love doll
• Make a giant photocopy of Amy


Steve said...

Write the book - then do the shows. Fame without Fortune is a model that I think is going to die. So put the revenue generators in their first...

I'd buy a book on how how holding back on spending can help you... a fast for your bank account so to speak (playing off Debt Diets)

Has to be a play on

Fasting your spend not spending Fast...

Or not

Steve said...

I meant "In there" of course

these 6am gym sessions playing havoc with my grammar

Steve said...

Oh and it needs a bigger life lesson / benefit than just no debt

"How a consumption fast can lift your bank account and your spirit"

"Debt Diets for the soul"

"How buying less taught us to love more"

"Fast your way to a new perspective"

You get the kind of thing...

Gareth & Amy said...

Ha ha ha

You do make me laugh Mr Steve

G x