Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stinky Cheese


While is was back in England I got the following email from our New York office…

“Julia, kind soul that she is, is helping to unpack our kit and guess
what she uncovered...

A plate of cheese and grapes!!! (Just three days old.)

We considered putting it in the fridge w/ your name on it. :)

- m”


In my desire to spend as little as possible I will take any gift horse that looks me in the face. The ‘gift horse’ in this case was a cheese buffet at the end of a client session in Philadelphia. When no-one was looking I created a little parcel of cheese chunks, wrapped them up in a napkin and then put it somewhere safe.

So safe in fact I completely forgot about it.

That was until it turned up in a box in our office several days later in a very ripe state.

Oops again.

Sorry Matt, sorry Julia.

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