Saturday, June 7, 2008

Return of the bed


Joy oh joy!!!

The bed came back yesterday (thak the lord for 90 day guarantees) and we had our first decent night's sleep in our room for almost two weeks. It feels so good to have it back - so much so that we have only just climbed out of it at 4pm. A mixture of jetlag, exhaustion and hungoverness has been keeping our heads firmly stuck to our pillows for the best part of the day.

It feels great to be back together - six days apart felt like a lifetime.

The MIA concert last night was a blast and to save cash we got drunk before we went in. We were proper wineos drinking wine from a carton (classly) in a brown paper bag and lazing about on the grass outside the venue. Amy was swigging with gay abound (i love that phrase) I was a bit more cautious - "Will i get kicked out the country if the police catch me?" "Shut up and drink"

At the end of the concert we lucked out. The BBQ stand was desperate to get rid of there surplus supplies so was selling burgers and hotdogs half price. Sweet.

We got home late, full and merry and were quick to drift off into the land of nod on our AirMattress 2000.

Happy days

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