Friday, June 27, 2008

If all else fails


I sent this article to Gareth today. I couldn't stop laughing:

Where an Aging Hooker Can Find a Little Piece, Oops, We Mean Peace

Tepito is one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Mexico City. It’s been a black market since time immemorial, and anything you want, original or imitation, can be found here. Sex can be bought starting at five pesos—from people up to 80 years old.

Xochiquetzal is a nursing home for senior-citizen sex workers. The house, which has a minimum age requirement of 60, can accommodate up to 45 women. Right now there are only 23 retired ladies of the night living there. The majority of them continue working, because there are still people who want to pay to have sex with them. According to the home’s director, the demand isn’t explained by gerontophilia, but by the poverty surrounding the nursing home. “If you have five pesos,” he says, “you buy something that costs five pesos.” But the residents believe something else. They think that, like wine, their vaginas have gotten better with age!

Let's see, if I had let the loans go until I was about 60....5.00 Mexico Pesos = 0.485495 United States Dollars - I would only have to sell my body 360,000 times!!


I'll start to worry if Amy starts putting a 'Tips' jar next to the bed.

I'll start to worry even more if there is more money in it when i come back from work then there was when i left!!!!!!!!!

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