Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 letter word, not expensive

Last night i came up with a novel and cheap way of passing time on the subway. I asked the woman next to me if i could help her with her wordsearch. She was a bit taken a back. She had probably spent the day PAing away in some window-less office and her journey home was her little slice of 'me time'. Suddenly she had a weird Brit asking her if 'he could play'.

She said yes (probably out of fear that behind my smiling face was the mind of a serial killer). I spotted one quickly: CHARM diagonal backwards.

She circled it slowly wishing that her stop would come faster.

I was having a great time. CHARM was a great spot. I was on a roll but it ended pretty quick when she got off at the next stop and appeared to wait on the platform for the next train.

Oh well - easy come, easy go!

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