Monday, May 5, 2008

Rubber dreams


Houston we have a problem.

Although that should actually read: Bed, Bath & Beyond we have a problem.

The inflatable bed that is to be our love mattress for the next 6 months has got a weird tumour! A bulge has suddenly appeared over on Amy’s side. The bed now slopes which means that Amy inevitable tries to push me out of bed each night (she would actually do this before the mysterious bulge appeared but at least now she has a excuse).

How this bulge came into being is anyone’s guess. Is it because it is next to the radiator? Is it because it is was badly made by the child labourers? Or is it simply an act of God?

We live in fear of it actually bursting one night sending us flying.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and our air bed.


DavidLaFerney said...

I'm voting for the radiator as the cause. Is that thing at all comfortable when it isn't deformed?

Gareth & Amy said...

It started off great.

We have ordered a new one today and will be returning the old one on Saturday.