Monday, May 5, 2008

Two marathons in 5 days

I did it!!!!

Last week I survived a whole week of cycling to work from 86th street. It is 5.2 miles each way which means I did 52 miles in one week. Not only did this save me $20 but it is also helping me reclaim the arse of my youth. The arse that seemed to leave me around the age of 24 when a regular salary meant that eating out became an option.

Cycling is one of my favorite things in New York. Deep down inside I am still very much a tourist – “Oh look Time Square”, “Oh look a rat” – and because I am not that fast I can really soak in all that this city has to offer. I am at one with the Chinese and Mexican delivery guys who are nipping up and down Manhattan delivering take outs. We pass one another with a nod. They look at my helmet with envy and question the crash resistance of their baseball caps.

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Dr Jude said...

awesome cycling! I'm with you on the exercise kick and started running recently, and have to cycle to get there. Marathon in October!