Monday, May 5, 2008

Humpty Dumpty


There are many kinds of eggs out there all ranging in price from:
Chicken $
Caviar $$
Human $$$

I only have unlimited access to one of the above, namely Human. “$8,000 payable immediately after the retrieval of one good egg.” Woah! I looked into this right after graduate school and again this morning:

I figure all I need to harvest is 23 good strong eggs (23 x $8,000 = $180,000) (I wonder what the tax would be - I'll make it 25 to be on the safe side) My 25 eggs would have to survive multiple screenings, tests, an incubator, an observatory and finally another woman’s womb!

Would I mind meeting someone, or more like 25 different little someones that claim to be mine?


25 fucking kids harvested to pay off my student loans?? Sounds like a Cronenberg flick for 2021...too much, not worth the drama and who knows what kind of psychological ramifications it may have on me and my, as of now, unborn brood. The fact that I’ve entertained this thought now twice scares me, a lot!

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