Thursday, May 1, 2008


My old boss Jo is sending me suggestion on how to save money:

“Save the Pennies Challenge No 1: See how many sugar sachets you can pocket in a week. I'm thinking based on how much crap they give away with each latte you'll never have to buy Silver Spoon again...”

I’ve worked out there is about 1 gram in every bag so I’ll only need about 250 packets to make a sponge cake.

But she is not the only one giving me ideas. Following on from Rachel’s babysitting suggestion, Chris emailed me a whole business plan today:

“This is a license to print cash - personal training. You get 15 people to pay $20 for an hour session. Call it a boot camp. They all do it together. That's $200. Do it in a public space. You then pay a real trainer to run the session. Let's say its $100. You then get $100 for doing bugger all. If you run these sessions 3 times a day for 7 days a week, that's $2100 a week. $8400 per month. $50,400 in 6 months. The most work you will do are answering a few emails and making a few phone calls.”

Keep them coming folks.

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Jeff said...

It's not quite that simple, but we can show you how.