Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Veggie diet


It is expensive being a meat eater so I’m now pretty much vegetarian. We have been making loads of great soups – cream of broccoli, squash, pea and mint – and they have been great. To make enough for an evening meal and have enough left over for lunch next day I’m spending between $8 and $10 on ingredients. You can’t beat a good soup when you are trying to save.

Here’s a quick recipe for Squash soup…

Fry an onion and a clove of chopped garlic
Stir in a teaspoon of cumin and chilli flakes
Chuck in a chopped carrot
Chuck in a box of frozen squash (it is cheaper than fresh)
Tip in 750ml of vegetable stock
Blend in a food mixer
Return to heat
Serve with a drizzle of olive oil on top and a slice of toast


Dr Jude said...

An alternative source of meat is to do the grad student trick: attend as many pointless seminars and meetings as possible - they usually serve up some food. Apparently I have a talent for sniffing out pepperoni pizza ...

Hannah said...

Hello dudes - hope you are well! Will post this recipe and a link to you up on my blog tomorrow!

Gareth & Amy said...

Hello Dr Jude!!!

Thankful ?WhatIF! is a company intent on making it's employees fat. Today i have feasted on posh french biscuits and starburst.

Hello Hannah

Thanks for the link. I'm not sure if it will be your readers cup of tea though. Too much fucking swearing.

G xx