Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Horses Arse


I had therapy this evening, yes we decided to keep that in the budget, thank god, anyway, tonight and I found myself saying:

"I have finally learned how to budget my money."

I couldn't believe it, since I have never been good with cash and I've been reminded of this by many. I'm always the last one at the party and if there isn't enough to cover the bill I always opt to pay the difference. There must be something in alcohol that makes me generous. I've never been one to buy fancy clothes but I do like a good macrobiotic meal and healthy doesn't come cheap! Or I'll wake up in the morning and decide I need a life size polystyerine horses ass (literally) and just buy it. I've always had multiple jobs, scholarships etc...

When Gareth told me he had a significant savings I was blown away. I really didn't understand how he did it.

Now I am confident, even after only two weeks of stealing food, living at mom's and using her toothpaste (without her knowledge, shhhh ;) that I can finally say I know how to manage my money.

(TIP: Check your bank account a lot, never ignore it - when the numbers fall you are spending money, when they rise you are earning money - just something no one ever told me ;)

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