Monday, May 5, 2008

A competitive streak


A scavenger hunt was organised last week at work to celebrate our 4th birthday. Each team was given a long list of tasks to complete: a team photo on the Staten Island ferry, a leaf from a public park, a cream puff from Papa Beards, a book from the Strand, a slice of cheese pizza etc. There were about 30 item/tasks on the list and they were spread out all over Manhattan.

We had 2 and a half hours to do as much as we possibly could. Oh and there was a $200 prize for the winning team. Kerching.

With the scent of money in our nostrils my team set off on an adventure to sweet talk strangers into giving us stuff for free.

We worked hard.
We got blisters.
We got sweaty.

And it turns out we got 150 points more than the other team. Woooowwww. We won. $65 each. Nice.

Points mean prizes

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