Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vaginal wash


One of the perks of work is getting to take home the stimulus when a project is done.

We have just been working on new soft drinks for women and the team working on it went crazy buying female health and beauty products.

Last Friday afternoon an email went out saying: “Help yourself” and the stampede started to the back table where all the goodies were laid out.

By the time I got there most of the good stuff had gone. I started picking things up for Amy.

“Errrrr I wouldn’t give Amy that Gareth …. Or that … or that!”

Being new to the female health and beauty product market I had been picking things up blindly. I had in my hands vaginal wash, anti-cellulite cream and anti aging products.


Amy could have taken this ‘gifts’ the wrong way. “Are you saying I stink, have orange peel thighs and look haggard?”. Not the best start to a romantic Friday night in.

It might have been free but it might have also been offensive.

I put it back and found some anti-spot products instead.

I guess that means Amy can stop using toothpaste on her pimples.

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