Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Meatloaf-O-Meter


I've mentioned the 'Meatloaf-O-Meter' on previous postings but I don't think i ever explained what it was. Basically it is a big thermometer that we mark off the chunks of the Private Debt (the $80,000) as we pay it off. It takes pride of place in the bedroom and is being filled up nicely.

It was inspired by a kid's show i used to watch back in the UK. It was called Blue Peter and each Christmas they did a charity appeal. To show the viewers how well they were doing with the appeal they made a "totaliser" with blinking lights that got illuminated with the new figure at the end of each show. As the deadline of the appeal approached the producers of the show would tease us viewers into thinking we would never hit the target inspiring us into one last frenzy of collecting stamps or whatever the appeal item was that year was (heaven knows what all those kids in Africa did with all those used English stamps - licking the glue off the back is hardly a nutritious meal). The total was always hit.

I could have made a thermometer for the whole debt but the ceiling is only 7 feet high in bedroom. I'll make another one when we have sorted out the first $80,000 but i still don't think i'll be able to afford any flashing lights like the one on the show.

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